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Steps to Convert OST to EML File Free in One Go Effortlessly

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Looking for a proven and reliable method to convert OST to EML? Do you want to access your OST files in multiple email clients like Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail? Don’t worry, there are several users out there just like you!

Yes, several users wish to migrate from one platform to another platform; however, it’s not as simple as it seems to be. OST, which is an offline Outlook file, stores all the mailbox items, along with calendars, contacts, emails, and more. On the other hand, EML files store messages as a dynamic format. As a result, users wish to migrate from OST to EML format.

Confused? Let me explain!

OST vs. EML: Know the Difference

OST files, which are even known as Offline Storage Table, store emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, and a lot more. Fundamentally, they even assist you to work without any hurdles, where there is no internet connectivity. As soon as you get the connection back with the Exchange, all the modifications performed by you get updated.

On the other hand, an EML file is a message stored by an email client, including Apple Mail or MS Outlook. It holds the message content and its date with the sender, subject, the recipient(s). The file format is supported by several email clients, including Outlook Express, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows Live Mail, DreamMail, and more.

Why Do You Need to Convert OST to EML?

A lot of email clients available in the market; therefore, when it comes to accessing your data, you have several choices. This is one of the key reasons why everyone wishes to transfer their data from one email client to another according to their business needs.

But is that the only reason?

The answer is no!

Let’s find out why users export OST to EML.

  • Email Platform Migration: Sometimes users wish to access their OST data files in any other email application that supports EML, which ultimately requires OST to EML conversion.
  • Microsoft Outlook Problems: There are scenarios, where Outlook doesn’t work appropriately and at that time, users convert their Outlook data files into EML, so that they can access them in multiple email clients.
  • Malware or Virus Attacks: Another reason that pushes users to convert OST to EML is corruption in Outlook. It’s not possible to access the data of Outlook when it gets damaged or attacked by any virus, leaving no choice for users, except migrating OST files to EML.
  • Sharing Emails in MS Outlook: OST file doesn’t let users share their important messages from Outlook OST, which makes it even important to migrate OST files to EML format.

How to Export OST File to EML Format?

Before going ahead, you should know that there is no direct method when it comes to migrating Outlook OST to EML file format. Moreover, there are 2 feasible cases that you can utilize to export OST to EML.

Now, for 2 different circumstances, the approaches are also diverse. To know about it, let’s go ahead.

Scenario 1: When Microsoft Outlook is linked with Exchange

In case, your Outlook profile is connected with the Microsoft Exchange, the OST file to EML conversion can be executed in two simple steps. Nevertheless, there are some prerequisites that you need to follow.


  • Configure Gmail account, configured with IMAP, in MS Outlook before you start the process of conversion.
  • A mail client has to be available on the local device that is compatible with EML format. For instance, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and a lot more.

Free Solution to Convert Outlook OST to EML Using Manual Method

As mentioned above there is no straight forward manual resolution available; hence, it’s divided into these major categories, including:

  • Replicate OST Data to Configured Gmail Account
    Now, in order to bring the conversion procedure, a user requires to copy or shift the preferred OST data file to the configured Gmail Id. It can be done with the help of the drag and drop method.
  • Configure Similar Gmail Account in Thunderbird Once it is done, a user requires to configure a similar Gmail Id in Thunderbird. After the configuration procedure, all its Gmail files get transferred to its Thunderbird account in an automatic way. This implies Outlook OST data is now even in Thunderbird.
  • Extract EML from Thunderbird
    As soon as the user is done with the entire configuration procedure in Mozilla Thunderbird, it’s time to migrate EML from it. A user just needs to access OST data in Thunderbird, as well as after that drag & drop it to any preferred location on the local system. It is going to automatically build an EML data file on the destination.

Restrictions and Faults of Manual or Free OST to PST Conversion Method

  • It’s not possible to migrate the OST data file if it is disconnected.
  • The process won’t be useful if the mailbox is huge.
  • The data is not completely safe and secure.

Scenario 2: When OST File is Orphaned or Disconnected

There is no manual procedure to export an orphaned OST file to EML.

So, what’s the solution for this?

A third-party tool can easily assist you. OST file Converter tool by IGNISSTA is one of the best utilities that you can opt for when it comes to converting your OST data files to EML file format. There are several benefits of using this tool, including bulk conversion of OST files, simple and quick process, migration of even corrupted OST files, and more. Moreover, unlike manual procedure, there are no limitations associated with it.

How Does OST to EML Converter Works?

The tool has a simple process to complete the entire OST to EML conversion process:

  • Step 1: First, download & Open OST to EML Converter Tool.

Download OST to PST Converter

  • Step 2: Browse or Search and Select the OST file from Drive, in order to Scan.

Browse OST File

  • Step 3: Now, see Preview All Folder of the entire scanned files.

Select Inbox Folder

  • Step 4: Hit on the Next Button. Choose your preferred file format, i.e. EML.

Select EML Option

  • Step 5: Once you are done with this, you can pick Split & Filter Option as well.
  • Step 6: Choose the Target path where you wish to store the converted files.
  • Step 7: After this, the OST to EML conversion procedure will begin.
  • Step 8: Successfully exported OST data file into EML format.

The Bottom Line

EML has now become one of the most preferred file formats because it is compatible with several email clients. Therefore, after considering the need for converting data from Outlook OST file to EML, we have discussed some of the proven methods. Moreover, there are some limitations associated with free manual solutions, it is suggested to opt for an OST to EML conversion tool.

The best thing about a third-party tool is that it brings you guaranteed results. That’s all from my end! I hope this write-up will help you out. If you any doubts, you can mention in the comment section below.

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