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Know the Best Tricks to Import OST to Apple Mail


You must be searching for a trusted method to import OST to Apple Mail? Well, that’s why you are here!

Today, we are going to reveal some simplest and effortless approaches that will certainly help you to migrate OST files to Apple Mail. So, just grab a cup of coffee or something to munch on and let’s get started.

OST File- An Introduction

An OST data file is related to Exchange Server and MS Outlook. The full form of OST is Offline Storage Table, which allows you to work with Microsoft Outlook in offline mode as well without any internet connectivity. As soon as internet connectivity is available, the data gets updated automatically.

OST file helps you to save contacts, notes, emails, journals, calendars, tasks, and more in its database. It is impossible to import an OST file to any other email service or email client, as Microsoft offers it high-level security.

Apple Mail- An Introduction

Mac Mail or Apple Mail comes with Mac OS based systems and you can configure your email id like Yahoo Mail, G Suite, Zoho Mail, Gmail, and more with the help of IMAP or POP3 with Apple Mail to forward email texts.

Why User Needs to Import OST into Mac Mail?

There are several reasons to import OST file into Apple Mail. However, one of the fundamental reasons is when you wish to transfer your older email messages which are stored in OST format to Apple Mail. Once you import OST into MAC Mail, you can read it easily.

Let’s understand the situation clearly with an example.

A user is accessing Outlook with Exchange Server connectivity on Windows. Nevertheless, now he wishes to switch the mail client without any loss of older data from Outlook to Mac Mail, then he is going to find out a resolution to import the OST file to Apple Mail.

User query

“Lately, I switched from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail for business purposes. However, the problem I am facing right now is that I need some of my previous OST files. I have already done a lot of research, but unable to find any easy process to do it. The files are important as they consist of my business plan. I had a word with my friends as well and they did tell me a method, which is also not working. I don’t know how to read OST files in my Apple Mail account. Can anyone tell me a proper solution for this? Please help.”

Methods to Transfer OST File Data to Apple/Mac Mail

Method 1: For Those Who Know About Exchange Account Details

It is very clear from above that the OST file is built when an IMAP and Exchange is configured in an Outlook account. Therefore, you can even join an Exchange account with Apple Mail with the help of the IMAP migration approach and set up a different email account in Mac effortlessly.

Hence, if you have the information about its Exchange account, which is used in Windows Outlook, it’s possible to manually configure the profile in Apple Mail. Let’s find out the steps to configure an Exchange account into Apple Mail. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Begin Apple Mail and choose Preference>Accounts from the menu.>
  • Click on the Add (+) icon available at the lower-left corner to access the add account wizard.
  • Choose the radio button mentioned as Exchange and click on Continue.
  • Choose the Exchange option.
  • Now, on the next page, fill your email address, name, and password in the available boxes.
  • After this, hit on Continue and add credentials.
  • In such scenarios, at the time Auto Discovery option is permitted in Exchange Server, the email automatically sets up a server. Or, it is going to prompt you to offer the server’s address.
  • Here, it’s possible to add folders, including calendar and contacts when you configure Exchange with Apple Mail. Just choose the preferred folder checkbox and hit on Continue.
  • As soon as you do this, the configuration is done.

Method 2: For Those Who Have Deleted Their Account and Have Orphan OST Files

Several times, you configure the Office 365, Exchange account, Gmail, or Yahoo in Outlook app and remove the following account from the Outlook.

However, there are multiple scenarios, where you need to access OST file data whose account has been eliminated from Outlook in Mac Mail. Let’s understand this circumstance with an example.

When an employee goes from an organization, the organization removes its Exchange account. But, its OST data file still exists in the system. If there would be a need to access that data on Apple Mail, there is no choice available to view it. Since, manually, it’s impossible to import an OST file to Mac Mail.

Yes, OST is a system-dependent data file, which implies you can’t export an OST file into MS Outlook on any other device and use it as a PST file.

Microsoft itself agrees that Outlook doesn’t have the functionality that can import or open data from an Offline Storage Table file.

Thinking what to do then?

Well, it’s precise that you can’t straightforwardly transfer emails from OST to Apple mail; hence, you can convert OST to Apple Mail compatible file format, which is MBOX.

Now, in order to achieve this task, you take the help of a tool, namely OST to MBOX Converter. It is one of the quick and effortless methods to view your OST file in Apple Mail.

However, why go for third-party software?

There are several benefits of using a third-party tool, including:

  • It makes the entire process seamless.
  • You don’t have to devote much time.
  • Your data remains safe and secure.
  • You can import multiple files without any size limitation.
  • Even repair the corrupted OST files.
  • You can do the complete process independently.

However, it’s always suggested to choose the right and trusted OST to Apple Mail Converter Tool. Since there are a lot of tools available in the market, it’s not easy for you to choose and pick one.

IGNISSTA offers a range of data recovery or migration tools that are authentic and gives you guaranteed results.

To Wrap Up

Apple Mail is used by several professionals and this is why several users wish to figure out the perfect solutions to import OST to Apple Mail or Mac Mail. Considering the problems users have to face, we have discussed two key methods. With them, you can transfer their mailboxes from Exchange Outlook or MS Outlook to Apple Mail, such as subject, attachment, signature, send & receive information. I hope this article will help you out!

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