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FAQs - Ignissta PST Splitter & Merger

How to Use Ignissta PST Splitter & Merger Software to Split and Merge PST file ?

Step by step instructions for using Ignissta PST Splitter & Merger software

  1. Open "Ignissta PST Splitter & Merger" Software
  2. Browse or Search for & Select PST file from System
  3. Check Preview All Folder of Slected Files
  4. Select Your Option "Split PST File" "Merge PST File" "Preview PST File"
  5. Now Follow the Instructions asked by Software

What are the features available in the Demo version?

Using the free demo version, the user can Split and Merge first 50 Email items from each folder. In order to enjoy the complete features of this software, you need to buy the full version software.

What are the capabilities of the software?

  • If you purchase a new Computer, and want to merge PST files of both system.
  • If the PST file size is large and want to create a small sized PST file, or want to split PST file based on date.
  • If you are in need to move Outlook to Office 365, and then you may need to merge Outlook emails data to Office 365.
  • If you find too many similar files, then you may need to remove all the duplicate files from your PST file.

These are only some of the reasons that fall behind in making you use this software. This software helps you in a lot of other reasons.

How long does this software take in completing the process?

The duration of the process taken by this software is entirely dependent upon the size of the PST file. Irrespective of the PST file size, the software is capable of delivering flawlessly and accurately.

Why should i buy Full version software?

Free Version allow you to save 50 emails per folder, If you want to full file you need to buy full version license.

Is the ‘Preview’ option available in the demo version of the software?

Yes, the users are given the option to preview the Emails, Contacts, Tasks, etc from all folders, in the demo version of the software.

Is there any file size limit to Split and Merge PST file?

No, there is no file size limit in Splitting and Merging PST file. PST files of any size can be split and merged using this software.

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