Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

December 4, 2021

Ignissta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strives to protect the privacy of our client’s. The company assures our customers and visitors for not sharing the information collected on our website. Ignissta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to maintaining confidentiality regarding the products you purchase on our website. We make certain not to share our customer’s information with anyone, apart from, mentioned in this privacy policy.

Please make sure for reading the privacy policy as it will help you understand our privacy practices and privacy choices when you purchase or visit us at If your issues are resolved or addressed here, then you can contact us at any time.

The information that we collect: If you use a credit card for purchasing our products, then the credit card number is encrypted. Your credit card will not be opened nor recorded by Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd.. We will just go through the credit card company’s details while performing the purchase process. In this connection, while purchasing our products on our website will be similar to that of the purchase via credit card at any store. We assure you that Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. will not keep your credit card number on our files. On the occasions where you send us an email in regard to asking the questions about our services, products, websites, and purchase, we tend to collect the information that we think we should answer as per the query that you asked. While facilitating technical support to you, if we feel the need, we will take damage data files from you using email or FTP. This will help us further in resolving the issues while using our products.

How we make use of the info that we gather?

Online Order: When purchasing our products, we may ask you to provide us with some information while placing an online order for completing the order and shipping. We may ask you to provide your registered phone number, email address, registration information, and card details.

Technical Support: Your personal information will only be used when you have a query or a problem and our technical team will rely on the information provided by you. Our technical support will use your mailing address in order to send a response to the query.

Data Files: We assure our customers of the security about our FTP server and email. Our engineers keep the privacy of your data files and it is not transmitted through FTP or email until encrypted with strong algorithms. We delete your data files in a secured manner.

Way to access the information that we have on a file of you: There are several scenarios where you want to get access to the information that we have on a file of you. In order to avail a copy of the information, you can contact us.

Notifications about the changes: In case of any alterations in the privacy policy as well as in the practices affecting personal identifiable information, then we rest assure you to inform you via email.

Exposure of Information to Third-Parties: Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. discloses the personally identifiable information of our customers only when it is obligatory to do by following the legal procedures, law, and subpoena. Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. might expose the information about our client’s only when they are violating the terms of use, end user license agreement with third-parties which assisted us in operating, developing, and operating Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd.. In the scenarios where all the Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. stocks or assets are moved or sold to some other entity or Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. is merged with some other entity, then the company will provide such entity customer information which is connected to the part of the business which was sold or converted in one entity without your permission. If, such business transaction happen then your personally identifiable information is used in a distinct manner. You will be provided with the choice of being consistent with the policy connected with the notification of alterations.

Cookies: Cookies are small files which can hold data and can be accessed by the web server. The server can deliver a customized page of information to us about our client’s basic information which we only use when it is necessary. We use cookies to keep track of your recent visits to our website and record your login information.

Cookies are used in the following scenarios:

  • It helps to register users to sign in without typing the sign in name on every attempt.
  • Measures the pages on the website in order to acquire the information more applicable as per the requirements and makes ease in accessing the site.
  • It also provides functionality like online orders, availing Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. services as well as other functions which will help you.

We use session cookies and persistent cookies. There is a difference between session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies have information which is stored in a temporary memory location of your system and can be erased automatically, whereas, the persistent cookies store information on your system’s hard drive till the files are deleted.

Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. does not use the cookies until necessary to collect your information when you visit our website. We don’t use the cookies for obtaining the personally identifiable information about our client’s which they have voluntarily provided to us when purchasing the software from Ignissta Technlogies Pvt. Ltd. website. Cookies cannot corrupt your system or files, or any of the programs.

Besides this, the service providers we use to serve and host the advertisements and deliver emails, we use both persistent and session cookies to track how many times our website is accessed and if our website is accessed through the advertisement.

As there are no cookies present in the email and advertisement, it is available only on your computer when you open an advertisement or email. The cookie, which is generated from email or advertisement does not consist of any personally identifiable information and will remain on the hard drive until you delete them.

If you like to set the browser to block cookies, then you can do it, however, blocking cookies may affect the ability to perform transactions, access to certain content on our website

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